Runway to Wardrobe: Romantic Gothic


Runway to Wardrobe: Renaissance Romantic

The spring runway was filled with throwbacks to a long ago era. With romantic renaissance lines and full statement bell sleeves and all over lace. What better way to incorporate all of these amazing looks in a gothic inspired style? 

We started with this lovely lace trimmed dress with bell sleeves. We added our Gams wide brim hat and a pair of chunky heel peep toe booties. Because why not be fashionable and comfortable? We finished the look with a silver ring which is made out of an antique spoon! 

We believe with this look you can either embrace your inner bad girl with a darker makeup look, or you can keep it light and romantic. 

Runway to Wardrobe: Patchwork

This week we're embracing a DIY style in patchwork! Though you don't have to do this one yourself, you can easily find tons of styles that give you that patchy feel.  Marc Jacobs used this style in their runway show over and over, but our look doesn't have nearly the designer pricetag!  We started with a [...]

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Hat History: Panama Hats

Panama hats are known for being high quality and always hand woven. The craft was even added to the Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2012 to protect the jobs and craftsmanship of the artists, so every hat that is labelled a true panama hat is guaranteed authentic. The hat is actually not made in Panama [...]

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Valentine's Day Inspiration

 We can't wait for the most romantic day of the year! We put together an extra special outfit idea this week featuring our Pill to the Max Fascinator! We tried to keep this look fun and flirty for any occasion, whether it's a night out with that special someone or a fun friends day! Hope this look [...]

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Indiana Jones and His Iconic Hat

Everyone loves the iconic character of Indiana Jones, his humor, wit, and his iconic look are recognized everywhere. Including our favorite hat! We dug up some fun facts about our favorite archeologist for your reading pleasure! 1. The original hat, jacket and whip are all on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. [...]

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Runway to Wardrobe: Pinks!

   This spring and summer runway looks were all about bold, bright colors from head to toe, and we can absolutely get behind that! One of the major colors that showed up on multiple runways were head to toe pinks in fushia, rose and blush tones. But we believe in go big or go home so we decided [...]

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Runway to Wardrobe: Newsboy Hats

The new winter/spring runway fashions are embracing our favorite accessories: hats of course! We personally enjoyed the giant newsboy caps, so we started this weeks look with the Brood by Brixton. We paired it wit an embroidered bomber jacket (another big item this season) and some tan booties. The pants and shirt can be mixed and [...]

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Hat History: Beret

The beret is one of the oldest hats that is still considered fashionable in the modern era, dating back to the bronze age in Northern Europe and Greece. This style was a symbol of both nobility and artistry during the time. This may be where the stereotype of the beret wearing intellectual and artist stemmed [...]

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Runway to Wardrobe: Capes

This week we follow in the footsteps of our favorite superheroes with capes! Not the bright red kind that help you fly, but the warm kind that keep you stylish in winter! We kept our first layers pretty basic with a pair of high rise jeans and a black sweater. We added our Adora cloche in [...]

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