Hat History: Rabbit out of a Hat

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Pulling a rabbit out of a top hat is a cliché of magic. But do you know where the trick actually began?

The trick is said to have been originated by magician Louis Comte who was known as "The King's Conjurer." He performed for King Louis the XVIII of France in the 1800's, as well as two other kings of that era. He was known to pull multiple objects out of his top hat, including a white rabbit in 1814.

The trick is also attributed to John Henry Anderson aka "The Great Wizard of the North,"but he wouldn't have performed the trick until at least the 1830's,15 years after Comte. But Anderson was the first magician to actually put the trick on stage in front of a full audience as well as popularize the trick for other magicians. Anderson is one of the main magicians attributed to really popularizing magic as a theatrical experience instead of a street performance by using advertisements and performing in high class theatre spaces.

Never seen the trick for yourself? We included a video of Penn and Teller doing the trick live in their Las Vegas show below!

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