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Runway to Wardrobe: Bank Stripes

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Runway to Wardrobe: Banker Stripes 

We decided to embrace our inner 30's mobster this week with a version of the banker stripes trend that has been extremely popular for spring.

The great thing about this style is that the colors can either be in deeper navy tones or in lighter tones for those warmer spring days.

We started with this shorter mid-length version of the intense ball gown on the left. We paired it with some white classic heels to keep the vintage look and our Abby fedora.,

This style is perfect for spring and summer and is super lightweight. It's also flexible so it can be packed away without losing it's shape! You can find it here and click on the photo to get the rest of this style!

Runway to Wardrobe: Tartan

Tartan patterns always make me think of rainy, blustery days so we started with a loose patterned poncho to get started! We kept it warm and cozy with grey cotton leggings and a cotton bright red tee. A wide brimmed Raddler fedora will help keep the wind and drizzle away while still looking fabulous. We [...]

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Hat History: Fedora

The name of this iconic style of hat originated in 1891, but it was first created in 1882 with a play of the same name written for famous stage and silent film actress Sarah Bernhardt.The actress known as "The Divine Sarah" was one of the finest actresses of all time. She was famous for her roles [...]

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Dapper Fashion: 1950's

With Dapper Day right around the corner we're finishing off our Dapper Fashion series with the most colorful decade of them all, the 1950's! The war time was over and rations on fabric were lifted, creating a time of excess in the fashion of the 1950's. Eccentric fabrics and designs, full skirts and intricate pleating became [...]

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Dapper Fashion: 1930's

Time for another week of Dapper Fashion! Looking for something that has a little blend of both the 20's and the 40's? Then the 1930's has the perfect fit! Get your shoulder pads and gloves ready!Women's Fashion The 1930's were a mixed bag of trends between the 1920's style to the 1940's and he beginning of [...]

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