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Hat History: Rabbit out of a Hat

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Pulling a rabbit out of a top hat is a cliché of magic. But do you know where the trick actually began?

The trick is said to have been originated by magician Louis Comte who was known as "The King's Conjurer." He performed for King Louis the XVIII of France in the 1800's, as well as two other kings of that era. He was known to pull multiple objects out of his top hat, including a white rabbit in 1814.

The trick is also attributed to John Henry Anderson aka "The Great Wizard of the North,"but he wouldn't have performed the trick until at least the 1830's,15 years after Comte. But Anderson was the first magician to actually put the trick on stage in front of a full audience as well as popularize the trick for other magicians. Anderson is one of the main magicians attributed to really popularizing magic as a theatrical experience instead of a street performance by using advertisements and performing in high class theatre spaces.

Never seen the trick for yourself? We included a video of Penn and Teller doing the trick live in their Las Vegas show below!

Hat History: Mad as a Hatter

Many people are familiar with the saying "Mad as a Hatter" and most are also aware that this comes from the side effects that hatter's experienced during the production of hats. But some may not know why this happened or what the side effects were. The "hatter shakes" was a symptom of mercury poisoning through high [...]

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Hat History: Beret

The beret is one of the oldest hats that is still considered fashionable in the modern era, dating back to the bronze age in Northern Europe and Greece. This style was a symbol of both nobility and artistry during the time. This may be where the stereotype of the beret wearing intellectual and artist stemmed [...]

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Hat History: Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th always gets people in the superstitious mood. So we found one of our favorites to share with you to help keep that bad luck at bay! Placing a hat on a bed is a (somewhat) well known superstition, said to bring bad luck and evil spirits into the home. The very beginning [...]

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Hat History: Fedora

The name of this iconic style of hat originated in 1891, but it was first created in 1882 with a play of the same name written for famous stage and silent film actress Sarah Bernhardt.The actress known as "The Divine Sarah" was one of the finest actresses of all time. She was famous for her roles [...]

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Hat History: Hooligan

This hat, also known as a flat cap, got the nickname of a “hooligan hats” by the reputation of the young adults that wore them. The first appearance of the word was in a London paper in 1894, referring to a gang called the Hooligan Boys. The term grew in popularity through the early 1900’s to identify out of [...]

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Hat History: Cloche

The cloche hat was created by a French milliner and named after the French name for “bell” due to its round top and flared out brim. The truly interesting thing about it is how it shaped the entire fashion world of the 1920’s. Fashion designers of the age hired in their own milliners to create cloche’s that would perfectly [...]

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Hat History: Porkpie Hat

Porkpie, Hooligan, Cloche, Fedora. Hats are known by many different names and many different shapes, but how did these hats get their strange and iconic names? Well you’re about to find out. PorkpieThis hat, known for its round shape on top and popped brim got its tasty name because of its pinched brim which has an uncanny resemblance to [...]

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Dapper Fashion: 1950's

With Dapper Day right around the corner we're finishing off our Dapper Fashion series with the most colorful decade of them all, the 1950's! The war time was over and rations on fabric were lifted, creating a time of excess in the fashion of the 1950's. Eccentric fabrics and designs, full skirts and intricate pleating became [...]

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Dapper Fashion: 1940's

The 1940's were a time of great music, new styles and war. WWII pulled the United States out of the Great Depression. But because of the war many materials were rationed which had a big impact on the fashion world.  Women's Fashion Most women during this era wore skirts that fell to the knee and simple blouses. [...]

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