Washing and Care Guide

Here are some helpful hints for caring for your hat.


  1. A hat box is a great way to protect your hat from dust, and from it becoming misshapen.

  2. If your hat has a brim that angles downward, make sure to overhang the brim on the edge of a table or shelf.

  3. Fill your hat with tissue when storing for a period of time. Also, store it in a bag if a hat box is not available.

  4. Avoid direct sunlight for extended periods of time due to sun fading. Straw hats can also become hard and brittle.

 Shaping your Hat

  1. Never wear your hat in the rain unless you treat it with a water repellent. Rain will misshape, and possibly shrink, the material.

  2. You can iron your flat brim hats on a low setting to repair minor misshaping.

  3. Steaming your hat with a household kettle works great. Hold your hat 6-10 inches above the steam source and let the steam hit the hat 3 to 4 seconds at a time. Don’t let your hat get wet, just enough steam to shape with your hand. Then set the crown on a table to dry.

  4. If your straw hat gets limp and too floppy, you can fix it with a clear light coating of ½ shellac and ½ alcohol with a paint brush. Spray starch can achieve the same stiffening effect.

  5. If you need to make your hat smaller, you can get foam weather stripping at any hardware store. Make sure it comes with double sided tape, and put it under the sweatband in the front and back.

    1. You can also shrink the grosband (ribbon on the outside) by wetting and letting it dry overnight to stiffen.

  6. If you need to make your hat larger, you can steam a felt hat aggressively to allow the fibers to loosen. Then, with your hands, shape by pulling it outward on all sides to avoid warping.

    1. We also sell hat stretchers that will make sizing more precise.

Cleaning your Hat

  1. To remove dirt marks from straw and fabric hats, use a damp cloth with water and mild detergent. Go over the area in quick, repetitive motions until the mark is gone. Pat dry with another cloth.

  2. If a stain is intense on a cut and sew hat take it to a local dry cleaners to avoid damage.

  3. Don’t dry hats in a dryer, this will harm the hat’s integrity.

  4. Only spot wash a hat, full emersion of any hat into water will warp and wreck the product. Always let your hat air dry in an area with no direct sunlight.