About Us

Our Chapel Hats Team strives to provide a fun, uplifting and unique experience every time you come in the door! 


Chapel Hats strives to provide high fashion hats at an affordable price to its customers. Our team members aim to cater to your every need, and we love when our customers get to experience trying on our many styles. We encourage them to do so!  



In addition to ChapelHats.com, we currently have 16 locations. Each Chapel Hats store is unique and will never look the same as the next. We pride ourselves on working with architectural salvage companies in order to use materials such as reclaimed wood and iron to build our shelving, cash wrap stations, tables, etc. 

One of our first locations in Chinook Centre located in Calgary, Alberta Canada even used the salvaged wood from a vintage church for their flooring and shelves, giving us the perfect name that you know and trust. All of our locations will also prominently feature antiques in our displays like hat boxes, old radios, phonographs and tons of other interesting pieces to showcase our styles.

Visit our Locations page to see where we can meet you in person! Thank you for visiting Chapel Hats! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us!