Finding The Perfect Hat Size

Part of getting the perfect hat is finding the perfect fit. Here are two things we will cover in this comprehensive sizing guide.
     1. How do I measure my head? 
     2. How do I adjust my Chapel Hat?


How to Measure Your Head

One of the best ways to determine your hat size is to measure the circumference of your head using a cloth tape measure or a string (then measure the string).  Holding the tape or string snug to your head but not too tight; measure the circumference just above your ears and middle of your forehead for the best fit.

While the hat sizes of every manufacturing company may vary, we offer a general overview of approximate sizes. If in-between sizes on the hat chart size up. A hat that's slightly roomier is much more comfortable than one that's too snug (sizing tape can be included in order, per request).

Chapel Hats Hat Sizing Guide

How Do I Adjust My Hat? 

Hats With Adjustable Sweatbands

Most of our “one size fits most” hats for men and women come with an adjustable drawstring that allows you to find the perfect fit. Pull gently on the drawstring located at the back of the hat to tighten.


Hats Without Adjustable Sweatbands

If your hat doesn’t include a drawstring you can still adjust the fit using sizing tape. Easy to use, sizing tape is the preferred method of adjusting how a hat fits because it maintains its shape without causing any damage. Simply add a piece of the sizing tape underneath the sweatband in the front, back, or sides. The foam will mold comfortably to your head (sizing tape available upon request).


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